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Breed Information

The White Suffolk is an Australian breed developed for Australian conditions. It was developed from breeding programs involving the Suffolk breed, initially, crossed with a white breed (mainly Poll Dorsets). The white Suffolk is proving to be the ideal prime lamb terminal sire in wide-ranging areas and environments of Australia. It is giving outstanding results in the dry, arid, pastoral zones; all types of agricultural, mixed farming areas; and also in higher rainfall districts.

Ease of Management
The clean face and points (free of wool) of White Suffolk sired lambs means you will have minimal grass seed problems.
White Suffolk rams are renowned for their natural fertility and libido and can be mated at any time of the year. When mated to White Suffolk sires, ewes will have minimal lambing problems. The smooth functional shape of the White Suffolk means the production of a high percentage of robust lambs. The result is more lambs dropped and more lambs through to marketable weights.

Wool & Skins
There is no colour dockage in the market place for White Suffolk sired lambs, which are noted for their high quality, white, Downs type wool. Also there is no contamination in the woolshed.
grade White Suffolk rams, showing some pigmentation will produce a high percentage of white lambs from commercial ewes of any breeding background.

Elite Lamb
White Suffolk sired lambs are ideal for the Elite lamb requirements at carcass weights of 20kg and heavier, they still produce high yielding, lean carcasses. White Suffolk rams also produce ideal lambs for the domestic trade, with feedback from the wholesale and retail; meat trade confirming the breed's suitability for Australian conditions.

Growth Rate
Comparable to any of the prime lamb breed and with the US Suffolk imports infused in the White Suffolk breed, this influence is expected to result in even faster growth rates as time goes on.

Objective Measurement
The Australian White Suffolk Association wholeheartedly supports and encourages the involvement of its members in programs such as Lambplan, which results in greater genetic gain in economically important selection areas.

All of these factors add up to easier management of lamb
producing flocks by using White Suffolk rams.
That means only one thing:
higher financial returns, or more dollars in your pocket.


Breed Aims

Hornless, free of wool, face white, long and slightly convex, muzzle moderately fine especially in ewes with nostril preferably pigmented.

Large, not carried erect, of good length, white and fine texture.

Bright and full.

Moderate to long and well set. (Rams stronger with a good crest.)

Smooth. Shoulder blade should be slightly lower than the spine and sloping away to a smooth setting, without excessive movement when walking. Width of shoulders to be less than hindquarters.

Long, level and firm with a deep, firm, wide and well muscled loin.

White and placed to give sheep correct balance with flat bone. Woolled to knees and hocks, clean below with pasterns well set up and straight. The forearm should be strong and thick with muscle. Hind legs well filled with muscle.


Pink in colour.

Firm handling with strong muscle content.

Good size, well hung, carrying two normal and well developed testicles.

Firm down type wool, dense and firm handling, free from kemp, medulated and coloured fibre.