Allendale White Suffolk Stud

Graham & Prue Day
PO Box 43, Bordertown, SA 5268
Graham - Ph: 08 87522554 Fax: 08 87520455 
Lachlan - Ph: 08 87521630
Alastair - Ph: 08 87521194

The Allendale White Suffolk Stud was founded using the best sires from our Poll Dorset and Suffolk studs.

An Annual sale is held in early October, where approximately fifteen stud rams, fifty stud ewes and one hundred flock rams are offered.

While our aims in breeding White Suffolks are for their commercial attributes, and selection is based highly on this, Royal Show Champions at Adelaide and Melbourne have been achieved several times.

We welcome interest in any of our sheep studs and invite you to inspect our flock.

  • Prefix: Allendale
  • Flock No: 9
  • Founded: 1985
  • Brucellosis Accredited  No: 2
  • OJD: MN1 No: S49
  • Lambplan participant
  • Number of ewes mated: 250