Anden White Suffolk Stud

Andrew Donnan
1117 Willangie-Woomelang Rd, Woomelang, Victoria 3485
Phone: 0427 812 227
Fax: 03 5081 2255
Mobile: 0427 812 227

The Anden White Suffolk Stud 22nd Annual On-Property Sale will be held 5th October 2017.
New starting time of 1pm.
AuctionsPlus will be operating for lots 1-77

View our website for the Anden Stud sale catalogue & videos of the Ewes & Rams on offer.
All enquiries welcome. Call Andrew 0427 812227 or Joel 0428514406

Our commitment is to deliver superior genetics to our clients and that is demonstrated by the Lambplan figures. Anden proves to be consistently elite on weaning and post-weaning indexes and better on the Lamb2020 and Carcase Plus indexes than both the breed and terminal sire averages for the past 10 years.

The Stud was built on a passion to produce traits of a very high quality, concentrating on fast growth and high muscle for fellow breeders, and for our Anden flock ram buyers alike to strengthen the meat sheep industry.

  • Prefix: Anden
  • Flock No: 91
  • Founded: 1989
  • Brucellosis Accredited  No: 2063
  • OJD: MN3 No VS1212
  • Lambplan participant
  • Number of ewes mated: 260