Detpa Grove White Suffolk Stud

David & Michelle Pipkorn
"Detpa Grove", R.M.B 1169, Nhill, VIC 3418
Phone: 0353918202
Fax: 0353918202
Mobile: 0408018202

This is your headquarters for hindquarters on long, correct, high performance sheep.

With an impeccable show record, rapid improvement in Lambplan figures, we are developing a line of sheep that will continue to be of benefit to the meatsheep industry.

High quality flock rams to commercial clients and stud rams/ewes with important traits to offer fellow stud breeders. These opportunities are presented at our on-property sales in October/February and occasionally at Adelaide or Melbourne Royal Shows.

For more details please visit us at our Website.

  •     Prefix: Detpa Grove
  •     Flock No: 43
  •     Founded: 1981
  •     Brucellosis Accredited No: 2194
  •     OJD: MN3 No: VS1211
  •     Lambplan participant
  •     Number of ewes mated: 300