Gaerloch White Suffolk Stud

Annette Schofield
'Long Plain' Narrandera NSW 2700
Phone: 02 6453 3355
Mobile: 0427 645 333

Gaerloch was established in August 1989. Our aim is to breed sheep with ease of lambing, over merinos or 1X, small birth weight lambs with good growth rates. We have fairly widespread clients, from the Riverina, Monaro and South Coast.

After 25 years, Gaerloch is now for sale, due to the sale of the property and health issues. Would like to sell the stud as a whole, including prefix and flock number.

Please contact Annette for further information.

  •     Prefix: Gaerloch
  •     Flock No: 89
  •     Founded: 1988
  •     Brucellosis Accredited No: Y399
  •     OJD: MN3V
  •     Lambplan participant
  •     Number of ewes mated: 140