Glengarry White Suffolks

John & Julie Wiesner
‘Glengarry’, RMB 113, Walla Walla, NSW 2659

Glengarry White Suffolks is located approximately 60 kilometres north of Albury. The Stud was established in 1986 and produces clean pointed, white sheep that are structurally sound with good ‘do ability’. Lambplan recording since 1987 has helped us select for good growth rates and muscling without compromising easing of lambing.

Flock rams are for sale on farm privately, as we believe we can service our clients more effectively. Stud rams, semen and stud ewes are also available.

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  •     Prefix: Glengarry
  •     Flock No: 122
  •     Founded: 1986
  •     Brucellosis Accredited No: Y284
  •     OJD: MN2-V No: NS060069
  •     Lambplan participant
  •     Number of ewes mated: 320