Hopea White Suffolk Stud

Ellie McDonald
5862 Western Highway, Dadswells Bridge, 3385
Ph: 03 5359 5369  Mobile: 0427 666 470

Hopea White Suffolk Stud was founded in 2013. Our current mature breeding ewe numbers are 95 (2015) We use a combination of Lambplan assessments and visual appeal to judge each sheep on their potential to have the desired traits for the breed both physically and in ASBV’s .

Our aim is to produce fast growing lambs that meet growing market needs. This includes low birth weights to help decrease lambing difficulties and higher weaning weights which means a faster turnaround for you.

We also aim for our sheep to have good conformation with little imperfections.

Rams and ewes always available

  • Prefix: Hopea
  • Flock No: 834
  • Founded: 2013
  • Brucellosis Accredited  No: 2483
  • OJD: Vaccinated
  • Lambplan participant
  • Number of ewes mated: 95