Lauridale White Suffolk Stud

Max Treweek
Phone: 03 58871166
Fax: 03 58871166
Mobile:0447 800 339

Lauridale was established in 1985.

About 15 studs have begun with our easy care true white suffolk type ewes. We breed 2 types of rams. Firstly a true white suffolk type that will breed us our outstanding ewes and secondly a lambplan ram to breed more muscle into our sale rams. We have a large number of clients breeding white suffolk / merino ewes and this will continue.

Ewes are always available for sale.

Annual Sale: 2nd Friday in October Annually 

You are most welcome to visit or ring anytime.

  •     Prefix: Lauridale
  •     Flock No: 73
  •     Founded: 1985
  •     Brucellosis Accredited No: Y210
  •     OJD: MN3 No: N290
  •     Lambplan participant
  •     Number of ewes mated: 800