Oakwood White Suffolk Stud

Duncan Young
PO Box 1171, Balhannah SA 5242
Ph: 0428 835 259

At Oakwood I am committed to sound breeding principles, lamb survival, performance recording using Lambplan, quality assurance, flock health and selecting for rams to perform under a wide range of commercial conditions.

Foundation female and sire bloodlines have been selected on structural correctness and proven Lambplan performance with Suffolks from the Burwood dispersal, Broughton Lodge and Glencraig and White Suffolks from the Burwood dispersal and Felix.

Oakwood On Property Sale

Thursday 12th October 2017 at 2pm EST
275 Ferguson Road, Poolajelo, VIC


  • Prefix: Oakwood
  • Flock No: 837
  • Founded: 2012
  • Brucellosis Accredited  No: 1312
  • OJD: MN3 No: S421
  • Lambplan participant
  • Number of ewes mated: 240