Uralba White Suffolk Stud

Paul & Toniette Dolling
PMB 24, Cleve, SA 5640
Ph/Fax: 08 8620 7045
Mobile: 0427207045

Eyre Peninsula based White Suffolk Stud with genetics sourced all over Australia through an annual Artificial Insemination programme and Stud Sire purchases.Breeding is aimed at the size and confirmation of the sheep with the use of Lambplan breeding values for fast growing sheep, to suit the short growing season that most of the Eyre Peninsula has.

On property auction of 120 rams is held on a Wednesday late in August.
Auction date in 2017 – Wednesday, 23rd August
Private selection rams will be available after the auction date. Private ewe hogget (2016 drop) enquiry and selection May to July. 

Average number of rams sold annually: 160
Average number of ewe hoggets sold annually: 80

  •     Prefix: Uralba
  •     Flock No: 156
  •     Founded: 1991
  •     Brucellosis Accredited No: 986
  •     OJD: Vaccinated
  •     Lambplan participant
  •     Number of ewes mated: 337