Yanta White Suffolks

Donald, Julian & Martin Baillie
Box 325, Tumby Bay SA
Phone: 08 8688 2041
Mobile: 0428 305 940

Have purchased semen from leading industry sires since founding the stud. Also bought the top performing rams from Ashmore recently.

Visually classed for well structured and conformationally correct animals. Lamb in July/August with ewe lambs lambing in September.

Scan for eye muscle and fat depth and do full pedigree also weighing lambs at birth. Best rams are tested for hypotrichosis.

Selection focus on the main profit drivers, Post Weaning Weight, EMD and Fat Depth. Also aim at reducing birth weight and worm egg count(WEC).

YANTA RAM SALE - Tuesday September 1st 2015
On-property at Mine Hill Road, Tumby Bay, SA, 5605


  • Prefix: Yanta
  • Flock No: 706
  • Founded: 2008
  • Brucellosis Accredited  No: 872
  • OJD: Vacc
  • Lambplan
  • Number of ewes mated: 270