Improve Conception with Teasers


Better conception rates may be achieved by using teasers in the last 2 weeks prior to joining.  This may also have the added benefit of getting more lambs earlier at lambing.  Options for teasers include using vasectomised rams or testosterone treated wethers.

For many producers, you will need to be thinking about your options for teasers over the next couple of months. These are:

  1. Run 1% vasectomised rams with ewes for 2 weeks prior to joining.
    We have been performing a number of these recently with clients keeping a number of their ram lambs entire at lamb marking and then performing the surgery when ram lambs are 4-8 months of age.
  2. Use 1-4% testosterone treated wethers as teasers (percentage depends on wethers breed, age and bodyweight)
    Wethers need injecting 1 month prior to planned joining date and again 2 weeks before planned joining date.  If you are wanting to vasectomise your rams they need to have a 6 week period between the operation and going in, so now is the time to get organised.

Information courtesy of the Livestock Logic Newsletter

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