Three Score or More

Condition scoring sheep is an easy and accurate method of estimating the condition or 'nutritional well-being' your sheep flock. It is particularly useful for monitoring pregnant and lactating ewes.  Condition scoring is often more useful than live weight in that it;

  • Doesn't rely on a weigh crate being set up - can be done anywhere a sheep can be yarded
  • Can be done without having to correct for wool growth or the influence of wet wool on live weight
  • Needs no correction for weight of the foetus in pregnant ewes or the weight of fluid during lactation
  • Can be used on a mob of sheep with different frame sizes

Ewe condition score needs to be at least score three at lambing to minimise mortality and optimise wool and meat production of progeny. 

For further information see the condition scoring page on the Lifetime Wool website.

And watch the video on how to condition score sheep:

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