Meat Eating Quality in the White Suffolk

Members of the Australian White Suffolk Association (AWSA) have always been quick to adopt new technology which has been the catalyst for the White Suffolk breed being genetic leaders within the Australian lamb industry. The development of genomic testing as a result of research conducted by the Sheep CRC involved many members of the AWSA and consequently a high proportion of genetics within the breed have been tested across, not only the production traits already measured but,  new hard to measure  traits such as Meat Eating Quality (MEQ).

The main components of MEQ are Intra Muscular Fat (IMF) and Tenderness (SF5) and across all terminal breeds, the White Suffolk breed compares favourably for these traits. Now that breeders can test and select genetics to bred tender and succulent lamb, the White Suffolk breed will be the benchmark for producing the quality of lamb that consumers are demanding.

According to results from all breeds tested within the CRC Nucleus flock, the White Suffolk breed average values for both IMF and SF5 are extremely favourable and significantly better for both traits than the average for all Terminals, Maternals and Merinos. This places the White Suffolk breed in an enviable position and well placed to provide a lamb product to consumers that is second to none for Meat Eating Quality and consumer satisfaction.

If the last lamb meal your family had was tender and succulent….chances are it was a White Suffolk!

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